Breeding livestock

LA NUOVA ACB SPA exports breeding livestock of the various breeds present on the Italian peninsula, including:

  • ITALIAN  HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: Initially developed in Northern Italy, in particular Lombardy and Veneto regions, this classic Italian breed can be found throughout Italy. The Italian Holstein Friesian is very similar to the North American Holstein following the massive import of pure-bred animals in the 1960s and 1970s, both from Canada and the United States of America.  It is a modern and highly productive breed, frequently requested by purchasers.  Figures available at the National Herdbook document over one million heads with an average milk production of 9300 kgs, with 3,71%  fat and 3,32% protein.
  • BROWN SWISS: The majority of breeding farms working with this breed are located in the mountain and hill regions, as this animal adapts well to that environment.  Its characteristics are longevity and  milk production with a high protein content which makes it particularly well-suited for cheese production. Recent statistics show about 90.000 heads registered in Italy with an average production of about 7200 kgs milk with 4,01% fat and 3,57% protein.
  • SIMMENTAL: This breed is 'dual purpose', meaning the goal of genetic improvement is to  optimize the production of both milk and meat.  It is of strategic importance to consider  both attributes making the breed competitive mostly in contexts where the sole production of milk is of no profit. The latest statistics show a constant figure of about 60.000 registered heads, with a production of around 6700 kgs milk with 3,86% fat and 3,44% protein.



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