For more than 20 years, LA NUOVA ACB SRL has been importing livestock, mostly dairy breeds, from various European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg and collaborating with the best professionals in realm of livestock imports and exports.

The extensive experience of our company's team allows us to select the highest quality livestock available by giving maximum attention at the time of selection in order to satisfy each customer's needs and constantly guaranteeing animals with high standards of functional phenotype.

LA NUOVA ACB SRL sells directly to breeding farms of all sizes in all regions of Italy and offers them the opportunity to select animals at the farms of origin as well as by participating in auctions organized by the various European breeders federations.

Once the zoosanitary documentation has been obtained, the animals selected  for import are sent directly to the purchasing breeders, thus limiting the transition period in our rest stations. Each animal is accompanied by a precise zoosanitary certificate, national passport and pedigree.  These documents represent LA NUOVA ACB SRL’s commitment to food health and safety by allowing complete traceability of the animal all the way to the ultimate consumer.
The care and welfare of the animals are of utmost importance during transportation.  We apply the same standards for long trips as well as short ones; therefore we utilize transportation companies with proven records of consistently meeting our and the consumer’s standards of care.


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