For many years,  LA NUOVA ACB SRL, by means of its authorized collection centers, has been exporting livestock for breeding purpose and for meat to various other members of the European Union.

Animals intended for sale are shown to customers in their breeding farms of origin with the direct assistance of our experienced personnel. After the required zoosanitary controls have been met, the animals are gathered in our collection centers. Following accurate verification on behalf of our Sanitary Service, they are sent directly to customers and accompanied by certificates required by the European Union regulations.

Recently, several countries from three different continents - non-members of the EU -  have been added  to the European markets.  Our expertise and flexibility along with our long-standing collaboration with the Veterinary Services operating in our region, have facilitated our ability to satisfy the import needs of these new countries.
Animals requiring periods of isolation, after selection are gathered in our quarantine facilities.  Once here, following each country's particular protocol, they are cared for by a specialized staff which monitors them daily until the date of departure. 
In recent years, our company has succeeded in forming a specialized team capable of streamlining the export process from beginning to end:

  • Secure and efficient selection of livestock, with the option to apply a  radio-frequency identification system “RFID” : e tamper-proof electronic eartag  that can be applied to the animal at the time of purchase for absolute secure traceability.
  • Quick, detail-oriented logistics to gather large numbers of animals in our collection centers and to deliver them to their destination country;
  • Quarantine services operating hand-in-hand with the competent Veterinary Services, starting with necessary laboratory testing up trough daily control of the animals' health and well-being while in isolation;
  • Coordinated transport by truck, sea or air.


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