Founded in the 1980s, LA  NUOVA ACB SRL, with its head office in Ricengo (CR), is a leader in the livestock trade industry.
Upon its inception, the company dealt mostly with the import of livestock from other European countries, largely to increase milk production and capacity in Italy. During this time the company developed collaborations with other leaders in this field, many of whom are still partners today with decades of established interactions.
In only a few short years, LA NUOVA ACB SRL grew from a small company into a commercial enterprise of noteworthy importance on both national and international levels as it offered its growing customer base detail-oriented and all-inclusive livestock purchasing services.
The first-rate reputation of LA NUOVA ACB SRL is based on the company's solidity, quality, and trustworthiness and has been established  thanks to the considerable experience of its founders in the field of import and export of cattle for both breeding and meat purposes, as well the trading of other livestock such as water buffaloes, sheep, and goats.
The company, conscious to the charges in the continuously evolving international livestock market, succeeds in satisfying each customer's particular desires, by selecting the highest-quality animals, and monitoring each phase of their transition with special attention to the animal's welfare. Mutual trust and transparency  have created strong relationships both with customers as well as suppliers.
The well-established organization is known for the ability to manage large quantities of livestock.  All of our animals are accompanied by the necessary sanitary and genealogical certifications, with careful respect to the rigid requirements demanded by the clientele and government organizations.
Our rest stations as well as our collection and quarantine centers have been approved on the basis of specific sanitary regulations, and the veterinary personnel in charge of these facilities regularly ensure that these regulations are being met so we can guarantee an elevated zoosanitary standard.


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