Project: Water Buffaloes for the Philippines

With the assistance of the Veterinary services in our Region, we organized the quarantine center to gather the selected animals; a protocol was established to guarantee the zoosanitary status required by the Republic of The Philippines: from the laboratory testing to be done on the farms of origin through the disinfection of the trucks carrying the animals to the harbor chosen for embarkation. The quarantine center was approved around mid-August and quarantine started mid-September. Within a very short time, we gathered 1310 animals originating from various areas of Italy in our quarantine facility. The required serology tests were started immediately with the help of  highly specialized veterinary personnel. Daily, until their departure, our staff prepared the feed and monitored their health thoroughly.

Additionally we also carefully prepared everything that was necessary for the journey by sea: a high fiber pellet, hay, bedding and veterinary supplies. We contacted the best providers, insisting on having only the highest quality products to guarantee the health of the animals for the month-long trip.

In early October, about 20 trucks delivered all the material necessary for the trip to the port of La Spezia. The cargo ship arrived in the harbor on October 14th. The quarantine finished, and in the late afternoon of October 15th , 2013, 23 trucks delivered 1253 water buffaloes to the port. That  same evening the vessel set sail, accompanied by all the documents required,  in absolute compliance with the Philippines buyers' expectations and the Italian authorities standards.
The vessel arrived in Manila on the morning of November 10th, 2013, with the animals in perfect conditions and the buyer fully satisfied with the performance of LA NUOVA ACB SPA.

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